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Abu Dhabi LLC

Abu Dhabi is one of the most happening and booming industrial places in U.A.E. A lot of multinational companies are situated in Abu Dhabi operating their business all over the Middle East and the rest of the world. Abu Dhabi can be the desired place for expansion of your business wings as it has a very systematic legal approach with added advantage of being a tax-free city

Why This Jurisdiction

A few facts about Abu Dhabi

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Abu Dhabi is one of the main attractions for business set ups.
Trade name reservation assured that the same name cannot be used by any other investor/ person.
Easy –to- Understand Legal System and friendly assistance.
Economic Development on a continuous basis with a very enriched infrastructure.
Tax-free Business.
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Abu Dhabi’s economy is in booming stage, and for business, one should always choose places that have a stable economy.

Less risk:

Once you decide to start a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in Abu Dhabi, the process is easy and smooth. The risk, liabilities and all other business factors get shared.

Maximum customer:

Abu Dhabi can be proven (or proves) to be one of the best consumer markets for any business as it has dense and mixed civilians in and around the city.

Tax exemption:

This is the highlight of registering an LLC company in Abu Dhabi. You will find many exemptions for a period of time which will help in the growth of the without paying much of liabilities. Company registration in Abu Dhabi has a simple registration process provided all the documentation are in place. Having an Abu Dhabi LLC company exempts you from paying any tax on import and export (100% Tax exemption)

Less paper work:

Starting your business in a new place is very complex and time-consuming process. Also, you have to go through a number of legal processes. Choosing Abu Dhabi LLC helps you save time as the

process isn’t complex and also includes less paper work. It is also easy to find local investors for your LLC in Abu Dhabi which ensures steady Cash flow in the business.

Proper plan:

A Right business model will help you to grow your business, and you can get the return on investment easily. Abu Dhabi market is continuously growing and establishing an LLC in Abu Dhabi will definitely help you reach your business objectives as per the laid out plan.

Easily available raw material:

There are various benefits and external factors which attract people to grab the Middle East market. The price of the raw materials, human resource and transportation are less as compared to any other marketplace. You may find the best competitive market here and having an LLC in Abu Dhabi will ensure a higher growth and a good return on investment.

Resourceful place:

As Abu Dhabi is one of the most resourceful parts of the world, the economy of the city, the nearby areas, and the entire UAE is very stable and progressive. As per the assessment of famous global economist, having an LLC in Abu Dhabi has a great future which will be the key gateway for many companies to capture the vast and untapped market.

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1Can a free zone company hold its offices outside the free zone?
No, a company registered in Free Zone is not allowed to establish its office outside the designated area.
2Can a free zone company do business or trade outside the free zone?
No, a company registered in the free zone cannot trace or do business in the rest of Dubai or UAE. However they can do business or trade by appointing local brokers or agents. However you are allowed to do business outside UAE.
3Can I obtain financing in Dubai?
There might be several private sources like banks or investment groups with which financing can be sought. But neither the Government of Dubai/UAE nor the Free Zone authority will provide any financing.
4Can I transfer or receive money from outside UAE/Dubai?
Depending on the UAE Laws, you are allowed to receive or transfer money or your capital outside the country.
5How many free zones are there in Dubai?
There are more than 30 Free Zones operating in Dubai. Dubai Airport Free Zone, Dubai Internet City, Dubai Media City, Dubai Gold and Diamond Park, Dubai Silicon Oasis are some of them.

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